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What can you expect from Lakeview Investment Advisors?


Portfolio management expertise

Bill Westhoff, CFA has worked in all types of economic and market environments. Various economic cycles, market behaviors, and surprises can impact investors’ returns—for better or for worse. Bill knows how to help investors weather turbulent market environments. No one can predict what the markets will do, but historical perspectives—and a strong belief that conditions should eventually improve—keep investors in the markets, and that is where serious investors belong.

Deep commitment to managing risk

Risk is inherent in all investments, and risk management is key to preserving assets. Research shows that asset class selection is the primary determining factor of portfolio returns, and appropriate asset class diversification reduces portfolio volatility.

Proven process for structuring portfolios

Our process goes far beyond allocating your assets among stocks, bonds, and cash instruments. Diversification within selected asset classes is key to structuring a sound portfolio.

Competitive fees

Lakeview’s advisory fees are competitive within the investment advisory industry and are often an attractive alternative to the fees charged by actively managed mutual funds.

Convenient, secure online investing

Working through a premier online platform, such as Schwab, provides mutual benefits for clients and Lakeview. This convenient and secure investment forum also provides access to current information and research on securities.

Consideration for your tax position

Gains and their subsequent taxes are inherent to most non-qualified investments. Lakeview Investment Advisors manages each portfolio with the client’s taxable gains in mind. We know it is not only what you earn; it is what you keep that builds your wealth.

Outstanding service to clients

Bill Westhoff is committed to providing personalized service. Whether across the street or across the country from Lakeview Investment Advisors, clients will be in frequent communication with Bill. Also, the convenience and security of a premier online investment platform connects Bill with his valued clients.

Build Your Freedom

Let Lakeview Investment Advisors Help You Reach Your Goals

Build the “Good Life”

Building your net worth is only half of the story. The other half is preserving your assets–and putting them to work for you. Hard work, financial planning and discipline can help you attain your version of the good life.

Put proven expertise to work for you

Hire the expertise you need to preserve your investment portfolio through various economic cycles and market conditions. Lakeview Investment Advisors is dedicated to helping individuals preserve and build wealth.

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